Bathymetric Terrains

I'm currently working on a new composition for flute, guitar and electronics called Bathymetric Terrains. Bathymetry is the charting of underwater terrains. I can see the Minas Basin from my living room and watch the tides come and go twice a day. It's fascinating to see the topography revealed. This work is for the Charke ~ Cormier Duo and will be finished some time in the spring of 2019. Currently there are four movements planned. There will be a soundscape that includes multiple flute and guitar parts, ocean sounds, and other sounds. The third movement will include live computer processing. I will post updates from time-to-time. Thanks to Arts Nova Scotia for providing funding to support the creation of this work.

For more information use this link:

Here is a short teaser mock-up of the second movement opening, Water Is … with just flutes and voice: