Title: Shadow Leaves Shimmer
Year Completed: 2018
Duration: 10-20 mins
Instrumentation: Open
Credits: Commissioned by Upstream Music Association with funding from Arts Nova Scotia
Premiere: Sun. Nov. 25, 2018

This work is exclusive to Upstream Orchestra until further notice.

Shadow Leaves Shimmer
takes its title from the blurring effect of leaves projected on the ground. The work is based on a concept of Integral Heterophony. Integral: the use of primary elements. Here, the harmonic series is performed as a drone on a fundamental of G. Throughout the work a subset of the ensemble performs deep meditative ‘breaths’ on the harmonic series of G. And, heterophony: the performance of melodic lines creating a blurring/undulating effect. This work is intended for a medium to large ensemble. Instrumentation is highly variable. Parts are provided for C treble (high and low) C bass, B-flat (high and low), E-flat, and F instruments or voice.

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