Title: Tangled in Plastic Currents
Year Completed: 2014
Duration: 17 mins
Instrumentation: Cello and Computer (Max/MSP)
Credits: Created with funding assistance from Arts Nova Scotia. For Jeffrey Zeigler.
Premiere: Feb. 6, 2015 Festival Theatre, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS: Jeffrey Zeigler, Cello

If interested in performing this work, please contact the composer through the Canadian Music Centre.

A work reflecting on the plastic clogging our oceans. This work uses Max/MSP to control a pre-recorded soundscape made of plastic sounds, and to control live processing of the cello sound. The work was composed for the phenomenal cellist, Jeffrey Zeigler, who premiered it at the 2015 Acadia New Music Festival in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Links: Jeffrey Zeigler

Derek, recording plastic sounds… with a (student model) cello.
derek charke tangled in plastic currents